Our history

Biblos was founded in 1989 out of the attempt by certain students to combine a commitment to study with the need to support themselves financially during their university years. So the opportunity arose to start services directly managed by students who, besides engaging enthusiastically in them, had and still have a chance to work directly in the university environment, thus being involved with organisational, managerial and technical aspects that very often are a real opportunity for personal and human achievement. Over time new services have been added, most of which arose from the intuition of the operators of the service and were accepted by the university authorities because they were seen as suitable and innovative.


  • rina
    BS OHSAS 18001:2007
    Occupational Health and Safety Management System



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    ISO 14001:2004
    Environmental Management System



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    ISO 9001:2008
    Quality Management System



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    Social Responsibility Management System



Ethics and fairness are an integral part of the Biblos philosophy, aspects that determine its responsible modus operandi and the transparency offered in the field of facilities management. Thanks to this positive approach, lasting relationships with all social and economic partners are created, stimulating growth, stability and new market opportunities.